Q: How does the Iridium Global Paging Service compare with existing paging operators that offer international service?
A: Iridium is the first and only truly global paging service. Whether it is sold as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with Iridium voice services, a subscriber may receive paging messages virtually anywhere on earth, from remote areas like the ocean or poles to populated metropolitan areas.
Q: How many messages can I send/receive?
A: Currently users may receive up to 150 pages per month. A maximum of five messages can be sent by the Web site or e-mail, every 10 minutes to a single Iridium paging subscriber.
Q: What phone or pager number do I use?
A: Enter the Iridium customer's Iridium pager or phone number (starting with 8816/7954).
Q: What locations can I send messages to?
A: Your message will reach Iridium customers virtually anywhere on or above the surface of the earth.
Q: How will my message be delivered?
A: Your message will be routed through the Iridium network, which combines the global reach of 66 low-earth-orbit satellites to cover every location on the planet. Because Iridium is a satellite service, placing your pager or phone in clear line of sight to the satellites will improve message delivery.
Q: How does the user know whether the pager is able to receive the page via the satellite signal?
A: The user can push a button on the top of the pager. The pager will display the current satellite signal strength.
Q: How long will it take for the message to get to the user?
A: Delivery time for Iridium pager messages depends on the length of the message, and the routing time to the pager. Most messages will be delivered within 7 minutes. Almost all pager messages will be delivered within 15 minutes.
Q: How do I send an e-mail message to my Iridium pager or phone?
A: E-mails can be sent to Iridium pagers or phones by entering the Iridium phone or pager number into the following generic address, 8816/7954[number]
Q: What is the longest message I can send?
A: You may send a maximum of 160 characters. Any messages in excess of 160 characters will be truncated.